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v2 ; Edward Smith

"We're fucked."

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This is a LJ community belonging to ___factorylife & hotel_lounge, two budding storytellers with great imagination and high class knowledge on the world of role-playing. We're responsible for the strange, funny, action packed, romantic, moving, cool, kick ass productions that can be found at Sunburnt Lizard. Some of our productions include Tommygun, about a group of teenagers mixed up in a world of necrophiliac adults, drugs and HIV. Then theres Plastic, which follows the turbulant love story of 2 main characters from Tommygun. And then theres Teacher's Pet, which is a Vampire-slaying, homage giving, round up of everything we've ever done.

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A litte somthing about us;

Matt A fun loving guy. Hyper, shy, hyper, shy. Blonde and good looking, if I may say so myself. I'm not as underground as Vince, mainly because I'm not 100 years-old, haha. My interests in music include the emo likes of Silverchair and My Chemical Romance. But my hottt stuff is the likes of The Vines and everything else The. Not like the Yeahyeahyeah's though, because theres no 'the' in that name. It's just one word repeated three times. I guess I'm in love with Blondie, and Queen, and all the 70's/80's electro hyper-nanza. Movies rock my shebbang. I'm a Leonardo DiCaprio freak, liking all his movies, and using him innearly all the RP's we've done. Of course theres Scorcesse, Tarantino, Cameron and Van Sant who make my willy stick on end. My RP style is shock and emotion. I like to make Vince gasp and go cold. I like to make my characters suffer, or get things they deserve only to get them taken away from them. The way of life, my friend.

Vince Quiet, tall guy, with asocial tendencies strangely mating with a liking of people. Not good looking, not bad looking, not noisy, not quiet and obedient. I'm more underground than Matt because my parents controlled my abuse of sugary popsickles when I was a kiddo. Hee. So yeah, sometimes we disagree on little details, mainly music, but it's little details, we have more in common than reasons to disagree. I like rock, old stuff you can't deny like The Ramones, Joy Division, Beach Boys, for random examples, but I also like the new shit old chaps like me are supposed to frown at, like The Vines or Bloc Party, you name it. Add reggae, soul, a bit of hip-hop, and you know why I have too much cd's. I like to read, won't bore you with my fave writers here. I like movies, a lot lot. Grew up being a freak because I loved all those B to Z's genre movies made in Italy, peplums, westerns, horror movies,... And now I giggle because guys like Quentin Tarantino made them the new hype for trendy cinephiles, so I'm kinda hype. Except I loved those before hype. I was just a video store worm, kinda. I like a lot of other things in movies too, mostly genre, though, big or small. My kick in rp is bizarre, kink, female characters, violence, baroque, and emotions. Oh and dialogue. I'm a dialogue freak. Of course, since the Matt's my nearly only rp partner, I do like to provoke reactions in him, laughter, shock, tears, even repulsion, whatever a good movie can offer you. I got a weakness for happy endings, because there aren't much of those in real life, but I'm also trying to cure that.

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01 - Sunburnt Lizard.
02 - Leonardo pictures from, http://www.dicaprio.com & Peta Wilson pictures from http://www.petawilson-online.com.
03 - Vince's livejournal, hotel_lounge
04 - Matt's livejournal, bunsbop
05 - Teacher's Pet.
06 - Pictures of our RP's.
07 - RP posts.